Thursday, April 01, 2004

Days I do not want to forget.

-The day, Tuesday, the 1st of April 2003.
The regime’s headquarters and communication centers are still the primary targets for the coalition air forces. Air raids are continuous and we can hear the sound of jet fighters all day and night flying at low altitudes over Baghdad.
Air raids have targeted locations on the borderlines between Kurdstan and Kirkuk and Mosul.
Food aids reach the liberated areas and they’re being distributed to the citizens. I really don’t think that there’s a great need for food and as we never witnessed a famine in Iraq and I don’t think it’s possible now.
The British forces are tightening the circle around Basra and the citizens are still escaping the city with great numbers. Liberating Basra will have a great influence on the war; we need a victory and a victory in Basra will accelerate the fall of the regime.
Today I’ve heard about battles around No’maniyah. I know this area well, it seems that the troops are accomplishing their tasks well in their way to Baghdad but there’s still a lot of mysteriousness covering the movement and direction of these troops.
Today we were talking about Rumsfelds speech in which he refused the idea of doing any negotiations with the regime. He stated also that the only way to stop the operations is unconditioned surrender by the regime. Everyone agrees that Saddam must surrender and we agreed that Saddam -as usual- would not make the right decision.

By Mohammed.

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