Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Self destruction.

It is not unusual that the victim-without knowing and after a long time- starts to look like its slayer.
This is the heritage that Saddam left here and it's the result of the incomparable oppression and violence that his regime used against our people.
It's foolishness, diseases and illusions of the past that lead this misled group to hinder Iraq's march to freedom and they're pretending to forget or they actually do not see the motives of their supporters in the neighboring countries, as if the whole matter is just creating a simple, pathetic militia, putting hands on a building or two, handing power to a ruler that leads Iraq to doom again.
And why should those people think in a different way? I mean this is how all the bloody dictatorships in the region came to power to terrorize civilians and spread horror amongst those who have a different point of view.
A bunch of ignorant gangsters who have nothing but the lust for killing and extreme foolishness that will lead to their, and others', destruction.

Jobless people who have no degrees or respect from the community can be easily persuaded with money to become mercenaries, and supplying them with weapons is easy as Iraq is one big weapons' cache. Those, led by notorious leaders whom no one have heard of before are getting strong support from totalitarian neighboring regimes -that see nothing but evil in the birth of a new, free and democratic Iraq- and their propaganda machine that describe terrorism as a heroic action in a holly war.
The hard challenges require tougher determination to face them and it will be an obligation for the coalition and our national security forces to deal with the situation firmly and forcefully to prevent others from falling in the same trap, from believing the same illusion and from ill using the freedom they are given.

The GC should make a definite and frank decision to support the coalition and it's not enough to see them condemning violence and asking everyone to stop using it. They should not talk to both parts in this conflict as if they were equal.
Calling for "calm down" is not the desired one; the defect is obvious in this group of outlaws, we need to stand for the challenge and sue those responsible for the atrocities and severely punish them because they caused the shed of blood of many innocents for no reason.

The action should be made fast to disarm all militias and the necessity of this issue should not be underestimated.
The presence of arms in the wrong hands means more blood and killings therefore,
determination and fast action is a necessity in this period to contain the terrorists, surround them and then, send them to hell.

By Mohammed.

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