Monday, April 12, 2004

:: The American troops are now surrounding Al-Mustansiriyah University with armored vehicles and tanks; they announced through loud speakers that they have recognized a group of students who are supporting Muqtada. During searching the university, the troops found guns, ammunition and some documents from Muqtada in which he gave orders to his followers to kill the science department's dean, here I remembered one of my friends -who's a student there- told me about a month ago about troubles in the university between Al-Sadr supporters and the dean, the dean complained from their behavior as they covered the walls with their posters and slogans. They also started to disturb the students and even prohibited the students from attending their lectures. At that time, they threatened the dean saying that if he would continue being "anti Islam" they would have him kicked out of the university and hurt.

:: The first news I saw this morning was "the IP succeed to prevent an attack on their station in Mosul and killed the three guys who used grenades and automatic guns to attack the station. The three men were carrying faked identity cards and are thought to be foreigners".
It was a moment of relief, especially when the IP officers appeared on TV carrying their Ak-47's and standing proudly near the attackers' car in which they made tens of holes.

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