Friday, April 09, 2004

The GC made this announcement yesterday regarding the current situation in Iraq:

“Iraqis were delighted to see Saddam’s regime fall; a regime that practiced all kinds of crimes against Iraqis and forced our nation to enter arbitrary wars with the neighbors.
We all have asked the international community and the United States in particular to stand with the Iraqi people and to help putting an end for the oppression we suffered from Saddam’s regime policies. Therefore, when the coalition forces –led by the US- destroyed that terrorist regime, they did what the vast majority of Iraqis wanted.

But still there are some people who lost some illegal advantages when the regime fell and those will surely stand against the democracy -that Iraqis are working for- and against the coalition forces that helped our people to remove the dictator.
If there’s a chance for the Iraqi people to voice their opinion about what they want, will they support terrorism and fascism? Or will they support the true steps taken to secure democracy?
If they had this chance we would see the truth, which is certainly with the construction of a democratic nation that allows everyone to work peacefully and to express their points of view freely.

What happened in Fallujah days ago is more than a savage crime, mutilating bodies, hanging them from the bridge and dancing around is a horrible, disgusting scene, and no enemy from outside can harm the reputation of this country more than that scene, and it’s really saddening that those terrorists are using civilians houses as shelters.

The GC is standing by the side of our people and asks all the decent Iraqis to obey law and preserve order, and they should not let the chaotic insurgents hinder the progress in Iraq towards the goals that Iraqis have always longed for. In the same time we ask the coalition forces to take extreme care to avoid causalities among innocent civilians.
The GC stands with our brave Iraqi people and entreats all the honest citizens to stick to law and order and leave no opportunity for the troublemakers to hinder the progress of the country towards achieving the goals that Iraqis have always longed for.
And at the same time, the council pleads the coalition to take extra caution measures to minimize the collateral damage so that innocent civilians would not pay the price for the violence they didn’t take part in.
If there was few people, whether on determination or out of ignorance, have allowed the trouble makers to act, then there are millions of Iraqi people who stand with law and order against all those who want instability and chaos to prevail.

The vast majority of Iraqi people in the north, center and south of Iraq want stability and peace to prevail and stands against all those who are committing illegal actions and spread terror.
The GC respects the memorial of the two martyrs (Al-Sadr) God bless their souls, but it refuses that the honorable name of the Sadr family would be used by any part, however close it is to this family, to mess with law and stand against the interests of the Iraqi citizens by spreading chaos and preventing them from practicing their normal daily activities.
Today we ‘re facing two dangers, these are terrorism and breaching the law and the new Iraq confirms one identity for Iraq, which is the united federal democratic Iraq. Iraq will never be united if she falls under control of an ignorant fascist dictatorship, while democratic Iraq will give freedom for any person or party to show his opinion and reach the highest positions in a peaceful way once he achieves the majority through free elections.
The attempt of a group of people to force their law upon the rest of the Iraqi people is absolutely unaccepted, and if the coalition forces will not interfere to end this situation.

Then the forces of the Iraqi people will interfere to stop those people and rid the Iraqis from their evil. The GC stands with democracy and law and will not deal lightly with this dangerous phenomena that threatens the future of Iraq and at the same time, the GC will do all that is possible to prevent the blood shed of innocent people”.

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