Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Days I do not want to forget.

The day, Sunday, the 6th of April 2003.

-The British forces secure Basra; YES, another city is free.
-The coalition forces are closing the circle around Baghdad and today I heard that Abu Ghraib city (North West of Baghdad) has been secured. Other news talks about fights in Tajeyat area.
-The sound of artillery shelling is heard loudly all around Baghdad and the citizens show less activity in the city.
-Intense air raids bombing the command centers in Baghdad.
It’s now clear that things are out of the tyrant’s grip and his announcement today is so silly and tells everyone that the end is coming; he asked the soldiers who couldn’t reach their units to join the nearest unit to their residency. I think that Saddam is afraid from a mass escape from the army like that in 1991, which started the uprising after the gulf war.
He’s trying to keep them under control but everyone I know is now hiding in his house.
The disgusting thing today is Al-Sahhaf’s announcement in which he threatened frankly that anyone proved to be spreading rumors would have his head cut.
I’m hearing rumors about executing the soldiers who try to escape their positions and those who are accused of cooperating with the coalition. Those poor soldiers couldn’t make it to the end.
-The coalition air forces changed their strategy of air raids to the (close direct support) but an American pilot made a mistake an attacked American and Kurdish vehicles in the north killing 18 men.
-Rumors are talking about Saddam trying to flee to Syria and that the Russian diplomatic row of cars that was attacked by the coalition was carrying some VIP but still no one knows the truth about the incident.
There is no defined line now separating between the coalition troops and the remains of Saddam’s army and we don’t know how long the regime is going to hold on.
-Anyway, here is the most exciting event of the day “a C-130 lands in Baghdad’s airport for the first time today”.

By Mohammed.

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