Saturday, April 10, 2004

:: The strike -that the terrorists called for- didn't take place the way they desired; I wandered a lot in Baghdad today and I can assume that more than 50% of the shopkeepersrefused to submit to the thugs' threats but in A'adhamiya, the situation is different, almost all the shops are closed today as there were intense clashes between the fedayeen and the coalition troops, heavy gunfire and explosions were heard in the morning.
The traffic activity in Baghdad is normal and the whole city is quiet except A'adhamiya, even that Ali and I today met a journalist and a photographer from the (USA today). We spent more than 3 hours together during which we had a lot of conversation; we had lunch in a restaurant in Karrada and they made an interview with us about the Iraqi blogs. Later we all went to an internet cafe' to show them more details about our blog work.

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