Friday, April 23, 2004

I didn't know how stupid and 'innocent' I was until I got this mail.

"I want to take this opportunity to personally thank you. I am an American who "knows" why her country has invaded Iraq. Your personal reaction to this invasion of your country has left me overwhelmed and therefor I need to thank you.

Thank you for helping my country become richer and more powerful from the riches of your country. Thank you for accepting that your country's oil gets stolen in order for us to have a steady source of oil for many years to come. Thank you for insuring that the world oil prices are controlled by us and not by any other region and power. Thank you for ignoring the fact that the US helped Sadam Hussein remain in power until he too wanted to becoming too powerful and attacked Kuwait (afterall, we do not like competition, but I am sure you understand this). Thank you for supporting Israel, our number one ally in the Middle East, I'm sure you understand that the murder of women, children and militants alike is necessary for the survival of a terrorist state, you have a very believing heart, so thank you for understanding the tactics of this military state of Israel.

Lastly, thank you for pretending to be blind while the reports of the US military purposely disregarding Iraqi's lives leak out in mass amounts in the world press, while the US spokespersons constantly deny it. (I am sure such things remind you of your days under Sadam, sorry for this).

Lastly, thank you for believing that your situation and the situation of your fellow Iraqis will improve.

Thank you for being so innocent and so foolish."

I didn't post the name of the sender since I didn't ask/get her approval. Keep enlightining me 'good Americans' who 'know' their country.

-By Ali.

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