Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Days I do not want to forget.

The day, Monday the 7th of april 2003

The morning carries with it the sounds of the continuing battle, but this time, we started to hear the sounds of light field-cannons and heavy machineguns clearly. It's obviously a field battle inside Baghdad. I went to the bakery to buy some bread and stood in the line and heard people whispering to each other about battles across the river. Suddenly everyone went quite after hearing the sounds of near heavy explosions and the launch of katiusha missiles. I hurried back home, to see on the way that some cars were showing white flags. No one is safe in Baghdad. Oh, I really miss the air campaign!

I found Omar and Ali sitting in the garden listening to the radio. The news was talking about the coalition take over of many of Saddam's palaces- Karadat Miriam palace, al- Sujood palace and al- Salam palace-in addition to Al-Rasheed hotel, al-Zawra'a Park and the grand celebrations' park.

I hurried inside to watch TV to see a very strange and refreshing scene; American soldiers lying on the grass in one of Saddam's palaces, having lunch, writing letters and some were taking a nap! The whole world is watching the dictator's bedrooms, but where is he? I saw some of the special guard soldiers rolling into the water in attempt to escape from the coalition fire.

The situation is becoming more dangerous for us. Saddam's troops and weapons take cover by the civilian's houses and firing missiles which, we all knew, were random and not directed. We heard a strange sound that looked like as if someone was pulling the furniture next door, but the sound was so loud. We went to the roof to see what that was, and saw a jet fighter flying above our heads. Omar identified it saying" it's an A-10 attacking fighter" the machineguns of this airplane were firing in a lightening speed, and we could see the flash and the smoke that it leave as it dive at its target, to hear a second later that strange sound.

We can hear the machine guns sound clearly now, and Al-Sahaf denies the whole thing in such an arrogance and stupidity. This time he was saying to the reporters " come with me. I'll take you to those palaces and you'll see that there's nothing of what you're talking about"!! he was lying clearly and in front of the whole world and he knows that everyone knows that. I think the man have had a brain damage, as only a mad man acts like this.

Ground to ground-missiles were launched from areas close to us causing a terrible sound that shakes the whole house. Those launchers are firing their rockets from a civilian area and flee away instantly after that.

News talk about an uprising in Ammarah city and the withdrawal of the remnants of the collapsing regime and people in Basra loot the tyrant's palaces and government buildings.
The night carried with it a heavy bombing that targeted mainly an alternative shelter of Saddam in Al-Mansoor district. Rumors talk about his death, but the obvious thing is that the authority is loosing all control after this explosion. There is no one to control the streets and the remnants of the regime forces withdrawing slowly, and the only thing that is preventing the total downfall is the fear and terror inhabiting the Iraqis' minds. "Solomon's stick" must fall so that all people know that the man has died a long time ago.

-By Mohammed.

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