Tuesday, April 06, 2004

-Today, Baghdad is a very quiet place (as far as i know). I actually didn't hear a single gun shot till now.
-The activity in the streets is rather less than usual and many students and employees didn't attend their schools or offices this morning because they are afraid that some clashes may happen between the coalition soldiers and Muqtada's men.
-The news say that order has been restored to Basra and Al-Kut governorates but there are clashes still going on in Nassiriyah and Amara.
-Fallujah is still under siege and it seems that the criminals will be seeking negotiotions
(a chance I doubt they will have).
-Ayad Allawe (GC member) condemned Muqtada's actions and described him as a man who's breaking the law and inciting unjustified violence.
-Just right now, American troops are blocking the entrance to Al-Sadr city.

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