Saturday, April 24, 2004

:: Hi everyone. I've just returned from Basra and i'm fine.
First of all, I'd like to thank all those who were worried about my safety. Ali told me that many of the readers were asking about me. I'm so happy; having so many friends who care for me is priceless.
Secondly, special thanks to Kerry Dupont; before I came to the internet cafe' I went to AYS's place and received the laptop and the other cool stuff that Kerry gifted us. The laptop, scanner, printer and digital camera will be very helpful in the blog work.

:: The foolish supporters of Muqtada spread a dirty rumor in Basra just after the attacks last Wednesday; the rumor said that the British are involved in the attacks. Of course, very little people in Basra believed that crap but anyway, here's the truth about the attacks from the IP.

::Al-Hurra TV started a ground transmission few day ago and now, it can be received by any TV set at any house in Baghdad.
Ali said that his colleagues in the hospital(mostly She'at), who used to watch the Iranian Al-Alam channel have been watching Al-Hurra recently and they said that they find it more objective, balanced and entertaining.

::By the way, Mohammed wants to thank everyone who sent him greetings on his birthday; the e-mails were very kind but there were plenty of them, so he apologizes to those whom he couldn't write back.

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