Monday, April 05, 2004

The trap of the moment.

Where will all these voices -that can see only this moment- be going when the smoke fades away and victory become the prize of the free?
Our enemies want us to live this bloody moment and to lose the spirit that looks forward to the future. Despair is all we can get if we fall in this trap, and I want to point out that this doesn’t include everyone; it doesn’t include the soldier of the coalition fighting in the battle and doesn’t include the Iraqi policeman who was attacked yesterday and had his station burnt, and it doesn’t include me and my comrades who decided to fight as long as it takes. We’ll deal with the situation wisely and toughly if it needs.
I’m here on the frontline of the war on terror and I see despair infiltrating our lines, yes, despair and fear too and this is exactly what the enemies want to see.
Few weeks ago, an operation in Spain changed the opinion of the people there and it’s now obvious that terrorists didn’t leave Spain, on the contrary; they're preparing for more attacks. The Spaniards fell in the trap when the sight of blood and destruction paralyzed their thinking. Terrorism revealed his identity and ambitions and we’re fighting a war against many regional and international parts. We know that Muqtada visited Iran and met people on the highest levels. This man whom everyone refused to ally or open a dialogue with was met by none less than Khamenie himself and of course this was accompanied by financial support and instructions.
We still see Syria pay money to attract the enemies of freedom to Iraq from Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Palestine. The battle is very hard on both of us and they’re challenging our determination to go on with our plans for a new Iraq.
Everyone who imagines that our poor and oppressed people have decided to remain silent and watch the events is wrong but the threat is larger than we can face alone and you know that.
Yes, this is my battle before it’s yours. It’s my duty to preserve the democratic changes we achieved, and just yesterday I saw the long lines standing under the burning sun to join the IP and they all know how dangerous this job is, and this gave me hope because they know very well who they’re going to face.
Yesterday, Muqtada’s followers showed in thousands in five of the eighteen Iraqi governorates carrying arms and showing their opposition to the coalition forces and their willingness to fight America but did the majority of Iraqis stand with them? No, but are the majority of Iraqis against them? Yes, but how can that be showed? Do you want us to carry arms and shoot them and then it may end to a civil war that no one knows how or when shall it stop?
We are civilians and we want to remain so for the sake of our country and I don’t think I need to remind you that even in your countries one can find a neighborhood that is inhabited by thousands of people, terrorized and controlled by a handful of criminals.
We need an authority that preserve law and security and defend them and right now -as the Iraqi army is still a new born and the IP still under-trained and trying to gain the trust of the people- it is mainly the job of the coalition forces, otherwise these forces will be just occupying Iraq; which is not the case.
It is not wise to ask the Iraqi civilians to fight this collection of fanatics, criminals and outraged fools. This will open a door that we may not be able to close.
I will not be trapped in the moment. I will not just look through a magnifying lens on the small events -although it’s needed- and forget the whole picture. And I will always look for the future, which should be bright because we are right and we know what’s good for the Iraqi people and how to do it.

By Mohammed.

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