Sunday, April 04, 2004

Days I do not want to forget.

-The day, Friday, the 4th of April 2003.

We started to get pictures from the airport and the coalition now assured that the airport is fully under control and it’s regained its original name (Baghdad’s Airport) we missed this name for 2o years, since the tyrant decided to name everything after his name; hospitals, schools, cities and streets, as if Iraq was the property of his family, now his name is falling day by day and I hope to see the day when we get rid oh his name forever.

Al-Sahhaf is getting funny, he’s denying the existence of events using words only, and then we see pictures for these events. He wants us to believe his words and deny what we see. It’s weird that some people do believe him.
The electric power has returned to some areas but still very interrupted and so is the water supply. People think that the power stations are sound but some towers have been destroyed during the battles.

The sound of field cannons can be heard everywhere in Baghdad and the news is talking about coalition troops at the outskirts of Baghdad.
The British troops secure the city of Al-Zubair and discover a mass grave in a warehouse; the victims are supposed to be Iranian fighters from the 80s. Their bodies were wrapped in nylon bags put in coffins and given numbers.
Some families continued to leave Baghdad and the road to the east is still very crowded.

I noticed an artillery unit under the bridge near our district, I hope they don’t use it; from this distance the sound will crack our ears.
The fights are still going on with the remaining troops of the republican guards at the outskirts of Baghdad.
No one expected that the battles would reach this stage after only 2 weeks. 2 weeks were enough to reach Baghdad, this is clear. I wonder why the media didn’t see this, no great battles happened and the coalition didn’t actually engage the Iraqi army in significant units. Most of the soldiers and officers I know left their positions and now are staying at home. Everyone wants to see the end, even the army.
Prices of goods are rising in a crazy fashion, there’s no definite price for exchange, some may exchange the dollar for 4500 id, others may exchange it for 4000 id only.
The prices of cigarettes increased more anything else, everyone is smoking and the stored amount is almost over. The more the excitement, the more we smoke.

By Mohammed.

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