Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Saddam's legacy.

The Iraqi public opinion almost totally agrees that this hostage kidnapping phenomenon is absolutely rejected and unacceptable. This phenomenon was not experienced before in our country, foreigners used to travel all around the country without fear and they were very welcomed and I don’t recall an incident, in our history that tells the opposite.

The only kind of kidnapping we knew was what the security systems of the past regime practiced on our people. We used to hear a lot about men, women and even children who disappear suddenly and no one dared to condemn these crimes or say a word about them.
Whenever the poor families of those kidnapped people decided to go and ask for help to know some information about the fate of their relatives, the only answer they could get was “we know nothing about your son”. That’s the way how thousands of my countrymen disappeared and till now no one knows their.

Knowing this confirms that those who commit these crimes or support them are what is left from the past regime, united with the outside terrorism that also adapts this filthy tactic to form organized gangs trying to enforce terror on the Iraqi citizens and the coalition countries’ people to stop us from building the new Iraq.

We tremble with anger as we see such dirty crimes and our call is not to forgive or appease those criminals, any compromise will encourage the monsters to do it again and again. And I stand solidly with the countries that decided stay in Iraq with their soldiers or civilians because this is the correct attitude. At the same time, the GC and the Iraqi security systems must do their best to rescue the hostages. This is their responsibility in the first place; these are our guests and we’re responsible, at least to some degree, for their safety.

These incidents have a very bad effect on our reputation as a nation and also threaten our national security by delaying reconstruction.
We saw those kidnapers on TV; they’re a group of retards -who can’t even speak well- carrying swords in a scene that takes us back to the dark ages. They’re trying to destroy our history and our civilization and they’re trying to kidnap our future (look at them, they’re hiding among women and civilians and using them as human shields while they point their guns towards Iraqis and the coalition; this is just the same thing that Saddam did when he deployed his army in the cities and among the houses. These kidnappers are carrying the legacy of the past regime).

I hope the world shows more understanding to this challenge and we should not give up because of a bunch of animals who think that the free world is a weak world. They don’t realize that the way the world responded to these kidnappings show the great concerns that nations feel about the safety of their citizens, and they’re showing at the same time that they don’t care about human life. This is their nature anyway and their doings reveal their identity.

I am positive that we’ll not see more of these incidents in the future, first of all because they’re against the Iraqis’ principles and secondly; war has been declared to eradicate these gangs and victory will be the on the side of progress against the hate culture of a dead regime that we are witnessing the end of its remains.

-By Mohammed.

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