Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Days I do not want to forget.

The day, Monday the 31st. of March 2003.

It seems that the coalition forces have resumed their activities; today there is news about liberating Abu Al-Khassib by the British troops and that some other sectors of Basra have been secured.

The coalition troops engaged the Fedayeen near Najaf; a 100 of the Fedayeen were killed and the US marines lost one soldier.

The POW’s count is now 8000 and there are rumors telling that Ali Al-Majeed was injured in Nassiriyah. Qussay’s palace in Baghdad was bombed today.
The bombing continues on Baghdad, Kirkuk and Mosul.
GWB confirms once again “we will free Iraq”.

Today I enjoyed seeing the headquarters of the Fedayeen after it was bombed and leveled with the ground, the fragments and ashes covered the adjacent streets. I hate no one as I hate those Fedayeen; mentioning the crimes they committed is enough to make anyone tremble with fear and disgust.

Aircrafts are flying at very low altitudes today even one can easily identify the kind of the aircraft. I was in the garden with a friend of mine who is an ex pilot in the air force; he was fired from the Army in the 90’s because he hesitated once to obey an order. I asked him “can the pilot see me from this altitude?” he said “yes” so I stood in the middle of the garden and took a look at the neighbors’ roofs to see if anyone is watching me then I looked again at the aircraft and started to wave to the pilot. He should know that we’re on his side and we don’t fear him. My friend smiled and asked me to sit back “be sure, he saw you and he got your message” I insisted and asked my friend again “are you sure? Tell me the truth” he said “yes, yes, don’t be afraid. He saw you and he knew what you meant”.

-By Mohammed.

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