Thursday, March 18, 2004

We have to decide right now.

Some might think while reading the following lines that pain and anger are talking on my behalf but I wouldn’t feel such internal peace like this moment. Last night I sat for a long time looking for a solution to this crisis.
How can we face these bloody brutal crimes? It’s so clear; the enemies of humanity have the determination and made up their mind to the extent that they’re ready to kill themselves together with the others.
They’re testing the patience of the freedom lovers on earth and they’re ready to do anything. That’s why we should also put our minds together and there’s no room here in this war for the hesitant. Every one has to define his position and no one can be neutral about this war.
Yes, the hesitant and the neutral will gain some temporary peace but I’m sure that the war will not take a long time to knock on their doors. It’s just a matter of time.
It’s become clear that everyone except the coalition and Iraqis want Iraq to be the only battlefield and that war doesn’t spread to other regions. And I’m sure and you’re sure -even if we lack the evidence- that we know who’s behind this and who will benefit from failing this leading experience in Iraq.
Logic says so.
Ok, we in Iraq have made up our minds and we’ll never miss the “good old days” and so do the people and troops of the coalition but in my opinion this should not go on this way; we have to move the war again to enemy’s land who found other shelters to hide in and attack from.
Well, this idea may seem horrifying to many people but this is the best way we can handle those criminals. The battle in Iraq will not reach an end until other files are started to be dealt with.
Rushing to open the next file is the only way to face the situation. I know that the American administration knows this and they said that clearly “the war will last for a long time on many fronts and we have to be always one step ahead of terrorism until we destroy it in its last shelter”
We know who are feeding the instability and now they’re frightened after their people started to move directly towards demanding their rights.
To be frank, I’m talking about Syria here. The Ba’ath dictatorship regime there is dying every day from panic about the great democratic evolution in Iraq. And this evolution is having its influence on the Syrians, that’s why the dictator decided to kill the dream in Iraq and will keep working to fail it or at least delay it.
Yesterday we lost tens and the media keep hatefully repeating that the IP, Americans and their allies are failing to provide security to the Iraqis. While the day before when the dictator in Syria murdered tens of his own people who are looking forward to freedom (by the hands of the Syrian security men) we never heard anyone saying that the dictator failed to provide security for his own people.
Strict dealing with the Syrian file and tightening the circle around the Ba’ath regime there will fade their plans and evil visions about Iraq.
Some might say that this war will never end and we’ll be obliged to fight more, lose more blood and spend more money. And I’m with you on this but the question here is who started the war in the first place? Remember this. They declared the war and they attacked New York and they will attack again if they were left free. They’re betting on the reluctance and fear of some nations and they were further encouraged by the decisions of some shortsighted European countries.
The more we kneel to them the more intensely they attack. Offering tributes will only strengthen the terrorists’ insistence on their war. As for those reluctant who put the task on the shoulders of the UN, those want nothing but hiding their fear from the challenge. When could the UN solve a crisis?
The UN is a total failure and handing responsibilities to her is fleeing from these responsibilities.
At least we (the directly concerned parts) should think and decide to eliminate any hesitant attitude from our minds. We started this war and we know it will bring so many hardships but we have to face these. Stopping in the middle of the road is a disaster to the whole world.
The terrorists want us to live for the moment without looking up to the future and now we should show everyone our seriousness and determination.

- By Mohammed.

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