Tuesday, March 16, 2004

The day, March the 16th. 2003.-
- The exchange price is 2700.
- Today, Omar and I have to prepare our small shelter to be usable. We built this shelter in the back yard during the war with Iran according to certain construction standards that make it able to withstand a direct artillery shell. The banks at that time offered loans for those who wanted to build such shelters in 1982 (but the loans stopped thereafter) so we seized the chance.
After 1991 the shelter was used for another purpose, we used it to store things. We cleaned it and furnished its floor, fixed the lights and added a fluorescent lamp that works on rechargeable batteries. Batteries are also running out from the stores, just like bottled water, candles, matches and (jerri-cans). After that we went to buy 200 liters of diesel for the generator which we recently rehabilitated (I'm sure we're going to need it).
- The streets today looked very worried and we started to see the Ba'ath militia taking positions behind the sand barricades, and I saw tankers today unloading oil in a large no. of trenches in order to set fire in them to distract the guided missiles (Saddam still believes in primitive silly plans) we know the pollution that burning these trench can produce. He wants us to suffocate (fortunately for few days only). The 35 years of destruction were not enough for him, now he wants to cause more destruction.
- Colin Powel says that we're in a very dangerous stage and it's better for the inspectors and the foreign press to leave Iraq and Saddam should leave also for the good of the world.
- The US vice president says that the president will take an important decision in the coming days.
- The American, British, Spanish summit asks the Security Council to make an announcement about Iraq within the coming 24 hours, after which the US has the right to disarm Iraq by force. GWB says that the Iraqi president should leave and that the Iraqi people should have a democratic government and should be able to use his resources to serve his interests.
- Mr. Blair says "the Iraqi people are the main victim of Saddam, and we will participate in rebuilding the country after the war".
- Today, the cross points between the central administration territories and the Kurdish cities are closed and the Kurds evacuate the official buildings fearing Saddam's revenge.
- Most diplomatic envoys leave Iraq.
- The neighboring countries are taking emergency measures to face the anticipated refugees' crisis.
- People here, despite the growing preparations are still not sure whether a war will happen or not. This is the question in every Iraqi house but, the question that every body pretends to ignore is "what will be the result of the war if happened?"
Every one feels that ( IT'S OVER) but, still no one can voice his feelings.

-By Mohammed.

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