Wednesday, March 17, 2004

“Long live the King”

Your majesty, the King of Spain:

I would like to send my congratulations and sincere wishes of peace and prosperity for you and your country on the occasion of ‘electing’ the new government that would sure lead your people to the shores of peace and prosperity again.

I’d like to add that I find it strange from many people allover the world to stick their noses in a strictly internal affair that concerns the people of Spain and no one else. What did those people expect and what business do they have in this issue?

I want to send my high regards to your royal person for your strong and loud voice and the usual courage of yours that you clearly showed in 3/11.
As expected from someone with your firm and persuasive character, you showed the people of Spain and the rest of the world that you could again, turn the tables and make the blind see and the deaf hear. How can one expect no response to your clear and loud message you sent to your royal subjects and to the rest of the world on that glorious day through that train?

Some irritating people may stick their nose again and say” but what about those who died in the train? How can you honor them with such action?” these ignorant should understand what needed no explanation to the Spanish voters who turned the table; they are honoring them by avoiding more death, so they served their role as sacrificial lambs to show the road. They mourn them and they feel sorry for their families, but they see no reason for more foolishness. They have decided to make peace with those who they led an unjustifiable aggression against, and they are ready to apologize and correct this tragic mistake.

Other more stupid will say, “This will not calm the terrorists”, but how can they see the future? Why don’t other nations join Spain in her courageous move? Surly this should end this madness, as these people are not exactly mad, they are victims for the west’s greed and an obvious American attempt to occupy the whole world, and once they left alone, they might even turn to be our friends.

Surly there will be exceptions such as the 3rd. world, Israel and America, but America brought this on herself and she should deal with it alone, and Israel, well Israel have obviously no choice, so there’s nothing we can offer her other than our advice to do the same and open their eyes and ears and listen to the words of Hamas, Hizbullah and Al-Jihad. I wouldn't see an obstacle to peace then! The 3rd. world? The term alone should answer the question, they are the 3d world, and don’t get this wrong as those Spanish voters do sympathize with them, as they do with the Israeli, but still everyone should excuse them when they believe that their blood is more precious than that of the rest.

I’m sure that if the rest of the coalition countries follow the wise step of Spain, they’ll be safe and there’s absolutely no reason to make us believe that those ‘fighters’ will bother them again. These are sovereign nations with well demarcated and strongly protected borders, and all is needed, is to be nice to those fighters and further strengthen the borders to prevent illegal immigration and sneaking terrorists who might still doubt the honesty of Spain and other European countries.

And for the propaganda machines that give us a continuous headache about the possibility of some dictators getting WMDs and using or handing them to terrorist groups; it’s enough to say that this is not even possible within many years and when it happens, it wouldn’t amount to more than one or two nuclear bombs dropped over America or Israel most probably, and then the whole Islamic world would be wiped out of the map! So, "stop this nonsense let us live our lives and you deal with it". Some may add that there maybe many bombs and that there’s no guarantee that Europe will be safe, but that should be left for the next generations to deal with if it appears to be a real threat as Europe will be in peace with those people and there seems no logical reason for them to attack Europe as they seem to be people who think logically.

Congratulation again to the newly elected sensible government, to the newly crowned (and real) king of Spain; his royal majesty Osama Bin Laden and to the Spanish people for proving that they are a 'sovereign nation' and that they don’t submit to any outside pressure, not from the USA nor from any other…government.
Long live the King.

-By Ali.

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