Monday, March 15, 2004

Here we continue to post what Mohammed wrote in his diaries at this time from last year.
The day, March the 15th. 2003.

-The exchange price for the dollar is 2680.

-After waking up and listening to the new brief, I have a busy schedule. I have to replace the old water tank with anew one and fix the old one to fill with water for storage. Everyone is talking about water nowadays fearing that Saddam will pollute the water mains. The prices of bottled water rose six times and it's almost out of stock. Everyone is storing water and nobody argues why that is. Some people are digging wells in their gardens; water supply may be cut during the operations. The wells water is undrinkable but still the business is good (digging a well costs 75,000 id) however I refused the idea and focused on filling barrels and buying bottled water.

-This morning is full of exciting news that's why the exchange price is rising.
The lines at the gas stations are growing longer.

-Most of the rich families leaved Iraq to Jordan and Syria and some other are heading to Diyala to the east of Baghdad seeking security in its huge fields and gardens.

-The USA invites for a summit meeting and says that this is a summit of last moment diplomacy and not a summit of war.

-Iraq hands Hans Blix a report that claimed that Iraq produced nerve gas and later destroyed it in 1991 also Iraq promises to give another report to the inspectors about the Anthrax.

-orders have been given to the coalition soldiers to put on the protective suits.
-the British minister of foreign affairs says that the possibilities of the war have significantly increased while Saddam invites Blix and Al-Barad'y to visit Iraq next week. I don't know what this man is talking about. What invitation? And what visit?

-Saddam declares emergency situation and divides the country into four military regions:
-Baghdad, under command of Qussay.1
2-Northern Iraq, under command of Ezzat.
3-Southern Iraq, under command of Ali Hasan Al-majeed.
4-Middle Euphrates region, under command of Mizban Hadi.
5-The Air force and the missile force will be under Saddam's command.
-I think that he's trying to use the very last statement as a threat that he'll certainly use them.
Well..tomorrow hides an important announcement for sure but, I don’t know whether the summit will declare a warning or offer some more time. I can neither sleep nor wait until tomorrow comes.

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