Saturday, March 13, 2004

:: The minister of internal affairs met a big group of the Iraqi tribes' leaders, where they agreed that if any member of one tribe commits any terrorist or criminal activity, the tribe will not show support to this member. A special term is used to describe this condition (hader damm = spilling his blood) which does not mean slaughtering him of course!, instead, the tribe will not stand by the criminal's side and will not protect him from the law or the revenge of the crime victims' relatives.
This new agreement will solve many problems in the areas where tribes dominate and the IP have no significant power. This issue was a major concern for Iraqis in some areas (especially in the rural areas where the police men come from the same neighborhood) because when someone gets robbed he would be afraid to tell the police about it because he should worry from the criminals' tribe revenge, and if he did, the police itself would hesitate before interfering for the same reason.
This agreement seems promising because a Sheikh's word can never be disobeyed by his tribe men.

:: Mr.Bremer appeared today on TV in a visit to the Iraqi national football team during a training session. He gave some words of encouragement to the young athletes and refused to answer any political questions saying "this is a day of sport".
After that he took some photos with the team and then came the surprise where Mr.Bremer took off his jacket and practiced his football skills with the team.
That was really something nice to see and the team members looked very happy to get such attention and participation from a man with an important position and huge responsibilities like Mr.Bremer. That was cool Abu Hayder!.

:: Spring started in Baghdad with the beginning of March. Just like winter and fall, spring is very short when compared to our burning long summer. In a country with millions of date palms, care for these beautiful trees takes much of our attention and spring declares the beginning of the date's season. The first thing we rush to do is to cut the dry leaves and the remnants of last years' season, a procedure called (tak-reeb).

:: Here is an American pilot trying to make a painting in Baghdad's sky with his (jet brush).

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