Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Mourning our slayers.

I couldn’t mourn you and I couldn’t feel sorry for you. You’re an old crippled man, you’re an Arab like me, a ‘Muslim’ like me, and you fought most of your life for what you believed in. You were imprisoned for a long time and you were murdered; yet I couldn’t mourn you!
You know why? I’ll tell you why:

I’ve always took the side of the weak, poor and oppressed people if for no other reason, then simply because I’ve lived most of my life like them and I can’t argue that the Palestinian people have rights that are still missing. Some people will say that it’s because of their doing, but I don’t want to get into the huge complications of this conflict. I just want to point why and when did I loose sympathy with people like Ahmad Yassin.

Whatever we think about this conflict and whatever side we take, none of us can deny that there is a problem and it’s far from easy to determine how to solve it and who has the right in this or that. People have different opinions that spread through a spectrum where you can find millions who consider a man like Scheckh Yassin a saint and you can find millions who consider him a Satan as well as a small portion with less extreme opinions.

Palestinians had chosen different ways of pursuing what they considered their legitimate rights before the birth of Israel. Some of them chose to fight, others chose political struggle and the negotiation table and some joined the new state and pursued their rights taking advantage of the democratic nature of Israel and made it as high as can be expected, still supporting the rights of their people as well as the rights of their ‘new’ country.

I don’t want to go into the details of this intricate conflict, but I want to say that those- who chose to fight by convincing people (mostly teenagers and young men) in suicide, in the hope that during this they can murder the largest possible number of civilians; men, women elderly and children- deserve no mourning and no sympathy.

These people (Yassin alike) argue that civilians-usually Israeli and Americans- are partners in what they consider crimes against their people (Arab or Muslims), because they elected their governments and they support their actions. I say; I’ll go with you this far and suppose that you are victims to Israel and America and thus you have the right to fight and kill the American and Israeli men and women. But, what about their CHILDREN?? What about YOUR children who you send to death while they kill Israeli children? What about that 15 year old girl you convinced her of committing suicide in order to kill other people, including children?

You claim that all children are born Muslims and that their parents raise them to be Christians or Jews. If we follow your rules and believe your words, you’ll be killing Muslim children!! How can you explain that to yourself before trying to explain it to the others? I’ve asked this question to all those who support the suicidal attacks and NONE could have an answer. The best they could come up with is that these suicidal bombers do not intend to kill children and that it happens accidentally!! Don’t they have eyes that can recognize a child? And why do they pick buses when they know that it’s very likely that some children will be there?

You have not only disgraced yourselves and betrayed Gods words; you have hurt your people, the Muslims, more than anyone else. You made every Muslim a suspect in the eyes of the world and I will never feel sorry for you.

What will you tell God when he asks you about all the children you have killed? And you expect to go to heaven!?!? And that should be the same heaven those children, your victims, will go to?! Why do I find this hard to believe!??

I know what some of you will say and I know that some will probably like to ‘make their way to heaven’ by killing me and people like me, but I’m not afraid of you and this needed to be said. Your beards and your headscarf don not make you closer to God than anybody else, that’s if you still remember God and if he still remembers you. God had abandoned you a long time ago; at least since the moment you started killing his purest creatures. I’m still a Muslim (in my own way probably) and I know Islam better than be deceived by your lies and join you in your hatred for all who are non-Muslim. This is not Islam, not the way I know it and not the way God wanted it to be. You are Islam’s worst enemies and your screams, your prayers and even giving your own lives (and especially this) don’t impress anyone, and I’m still the Muslim and you are the…no, 'infidels' are MUCH better than you. Infidels or non-believers don’t take children’s lives and claim that they do it to please God. In fact most of whom you call infidels proved to be very human and very merciful!

For the Muslims who support such people out of sympathy or better say religious fanaticism, I’ll speak in your logic and say that everyone who support, cheer, sympathize or mourn people like Bin laden and Yassin are their partners in their crimes and that can make the people who marched to mourn Yassin, murderers and terrorists.

When you marched yesterday, you reminded me of the scene of the masses who marched in Abdul Nassir funeral. For how long are we going to cheer our slayers and weep them when God rid us of them!? Stop this stupidity and have some brains or at least listen to your hearts and ask yourselves what child deserves to be murdered?? People like Bin Laden, Yassin and Zagrawi have crossed the line that separates fighters from murderers a long time ago and if you followed them when they were fighting, then there’s absolutely nothing that should make you follow them blindly as they cross ALL the lines, not being stopped by any human value.

When you support an action this means that you are ready, willing or at least accepting that you can do it. Are you ready, willing or do you accept to murder a child? If no, then reconsider your attitude, because that’s what you are showing the rest of the world.

No, I’ll never mourn you, Yassin, and I’ll never feel sorry for you even if you were my own blood and flesh. I’ll not mourn you, but I mourn the people who mourned you. I don’t feel sorry for you but I feel sorry for them.

I feel sad, but not for you. I feel sad for those who marched yesterday to mourn you (at least many of them). I want to say, “You’re not my enemies, not yet. I still believe that you may regain your consciousness and look at the truth, even if it shows you how wrong you were. You are not the victims of America or Israel, you are the victims of your tyrants and your mullahs and I hope you realize this before it’s too late, before you turn from victims into criminals.” Yes, I don’t know why, but I still have hope in this.

-By Ali.

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