Saturday, March 27, 2004

Days I do not want to forget.

Day 8 the 27th of March 2003.

The coalition forces announce that they are going to expand on their operation soon after the whether improves.

It seems that I was very optimistic about how long this will take. The speed in which the troops moved inside Iraq in the 1st few days was astonishing that it made me think that the battle will take no more than one week, and here we are finishing the 1st week and it looks like it’s been more than a month.
The events that took place during this week have been more than what I’ve seen in years. There could be weeks in our lives that pass without even feeling them, but a week like this cannot be easily forgotten.

Why does the whether have to be this bad and at theses times! This is exactly what we’ve been missing, that the nature works with Saddam!
An American-British assembly to discuss the future of Iraq after the war.
The future can never be worse than the past, that’s for sure, but I think the assembly comes to ascertain the others the determination of the coalition to make the change and that the issue is settled and the others should think about the future of Iraq.

I for myself cannot think about the future because I can’t leave the moment that I’m living, but I’ll sneak a look into the future and smile, imagining how it will be without Saddam and the Ba’ath.

Today, some friends from the western part half of Baghdad came to visit us. I was very happy to see them and we didn’t stop talking and congratulating each other for being safe (so far). Everyone has something to say about what he has seen and everyone saw so many unusual scenes. One of my friends was very impressed with the accuracy of the bombing. Mistakes are actually none so far, but everyone knows that most of these targets were not used by the regime, because they are now using alternative positions like mosques and schools and abandoned civilian buildings. My father, who came by to say hello, shared with us his opinion on this subject as a former military officer. He said, “These alternative position cannot offer more than 50% of what the original positions do, therefore the purpose of such strikes is to deprive the authority from half of its capabilities, as the alternative position were made in haste and soon these also will be exposed, and then they’ll have to change them, and the capabilities get less and less with each change” everyone saw that the idea was convincing but there is still the desire to see Saddam get killed by a direct attack.

Bombing still targets the outskirts of Baghdad where the major military facilities and the republican guards are located.
Today the communication facilities were bombed, to cut the phone lines between Baghdad and the other governerates and many switches stopped functioning inside Baghdad.

-By Mohammed.

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