Monday, March 08, 2004

"Sabah, make a law for him!"

Congratulations to all Iraqis and to the whole world and I would like to jump over the obstacles that will sure appear, because I know it is a step on the right path.
I remember once, as other Iraqis do, that the Iraqi TV was covering one of Saddam’s visits to one of the Iraqi villages, as he was so found of these visits to cover for his crimes and show that he cared about Iraqi people. At those times the Baathist 'comrades' would gather the people of the village or town in question to cheer for his name, and therefore it was mandatory for every city, small town or a village to have a balcony in it’s city hall that allows him to see everybody and so that everyone can see him while he wave at them.
In one of those visits, Saddam was elated for no obvious reason. He was laughing and joking with everyone, when one of the citizens, encouraged by the mood he saw the tyrant was in, took the chance and asked for a personal favor, which he said, was against the law! Here Saddam laughed and said” and what is the law? I make the law!” and turned into his personal bodyguard (Sabah Merza at that time) and said ”Sabah, make a law that suit his demands!”
That was how we lived and that’s what the enemies of life are trying desperately to bring back to our land. And this is how we fight them: yes, by building the state of law and constitution. This is our answer to the aggressions of the enemies of life and freedom, as this is what they are trying to prevent, together with the dictators who support them.

We are witnessing the true birth of democracy in a country that witnessed what maybe the worst example of injustice and dictatorship. Yes, it’s temporary and primitive, and it’s hard to imagine that it could’ve been better, but it’s just the 1st step. Wait and see by yourselves how this country will be a model for the others who seek salvation. Our land was the place of the 1st written law, thousands of years ago, and hopefully it will be a nonstop source for it.

Our temporary constitution may satisfy some Iraqis and some parts of it may upset others, and most Iraqis are concerned with the hope that this constitution will not remain as an ink on a paper, and that it will be a start for a broader and a more mature vision, but this is exactly what we need: different opinions. There will be no turning back to the visions of a single man, no more 100% of votes.

Wherever you are, sewage rat, and wherever (your Sabah) is, you don’t make law anymore. From now on it’s (WE) who will make laws.

For decades, the Iraqi citizen memorized his duties, what he should do and most important what he should not do. It’s time to recognize our rights, hear, see, talk, object and express our thoughts. It’s time we participate. We are the sons of Hamorabi.

-By Mohamed.

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