Wednesday, March 17, 2004

The day of truth.

-The day, Monday the 17th. Of March 2003.
-The dollar exchange price is 2830.
-As I expected, the Security Council failed to make a decision about Iraq’s violations. Britain, Spain and the USA pull out their new announcement project and Colin Powel says that president Bush will give Saddam Hussein a last chance to leave Iraq.
-All the inspectors now leaved the no arms zone between Iraq and Kuwait.
-Israel declares extreme alert situation.
-Kofi Annan orders the weapons inspectors to leave Iraq.
-Stopping the work with the MOU and stopping the oil export.
-The world is waiting for GWB’s speech at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow Baghdad time.
-A British minister (Robin Cook) resigns and the Iraqi minister of foreign affairs refuses the idea about Saddam leaving Iraq.
-It seems that it’s a matter of few hours only. My friend and I took a ride in Baghdad. We’re from those who can’t wait to see the operations start and we are optimistic this time that Saddam will not remain this time. We’ve waited so long and now only hours separate us from the beginning of the end of the tyrant. Baghdad looks like a ghosts' city, cars are passing by so fast and the troops and militias are abundant in the streets.

-The preparations for war in our house are now completed.
-Today, Ali arrived from Basra and I asked him (just for kidding) “it seems that GWB gave the chance to you not to Saddam that you came in such a hurry!”
-Today many friends came to visit me, all carrying another question (the old one of “will there be a war?” has disappeared and the question now is “WHEN?”.
-I’ll go to sleep early tonight and this is better solution than waiting for the speech, I want to wake up in the morning to see someone who tells me “it’s over; we just have to count hours”.
I went to bed and left Ali and Omar watching the TV as they refused to sleep and decided to keep waiting.

-By Mohammed.

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