Thursday, March 11, 2004

Our hearts go with you Spain.

The horrible terrorist attacks that took place in Spain and which lead to the death and injury of hundreds of innocents today came as a shock to the world. These attacks should make us pose again to re-assess our look to how safe the world really is.
This time I have to disagree with our allies, and although it’s premature to say this, but I think that it wasn’t ETA who carried these attacks and I find myself compelled to agree with ETA’s spokesman and say that this was done by Islamic extremists.
Investigations may prove that I’m wrong, but I’m firmly on this opinion for many reasons:

-The way and timing of these attacks is not what we used to see from ETA. They rarely carried such huge attacks on merely civilians, not without a previous warning at least.
-ETA usually (not always though) announce their responsibility for the attacks the carry.
-The fact that Spain is one of the major coalition countries that strongly supported the US in her war against Saddam and global terrorism as well, makes her very prone for such attacks from extremist Islamists.
-There were many intelligence reports months ago about terrorist activities in Spain.
-Such attacks cannot be carried but by desperate people with no hope or legitimate political goals and the Islamic terrorists fit much more than ETA in this category.
-The nature of the attacks leaves no doubt that whoever carried them wanted to cause as much as possible causalities among civilians, which seems to be a trade mark for AL QUEDA.

Future investigations may prove this and may prove otherwise, but if it appears to be what I think it is, it should tell everyone and especially those who claim that the world is a safe place and there is no need for going into war against terrorism, that they are wrong and that whether America came to Iraq or not, these people would never stop there madness until the world yield to their demands.

Some people may say, that by admitting that the fact Spain is one of the major coalition forces made her an object for such attacks, should prove that the decision to go to war was a big mistake. There is nothing far from truth than this assumption, as 9/11 took place before America went to war and similar, but smaller, attacks took place all over Europe prior to war. Should the governments you elected take permission from the terrorists before committing a necessary action fearing that it may piss them off? The people who claim that the war in Iraq had nothing to do with terrorism, strangely are the same who say that the war in Iraq had enraged terrorists. Now I wonder why were the terrorists enraged by toppeling Saddam and liberating Iraq if it wasn't directed at them as well!!?

The war is not only necessary, but also inevitable. No one should believe that if these terrorists were left alone, they would be peaceful and drop there arms and become our friends. It’s not only na├»ve, but also seriously dangerous to put such trust in such corrupted evil minds such as those of AL QUEDA and other terrorist groups.

Finally I’d like to add that ETA may have a role in this, but certainly it’s not the major one. It seems that only extremist Muslims are capable of such meaningless horrible crimes, it’s their territory and their specialization and I would really be surprised if the future investigations proved otherwise.

My sincere consolation to the families of the victims and to the Spanish people on their tragic loss, and may God bless the souls of these innocent victims.

-By Ali.

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