Friday, April 01, 2005

While the Egyptian blogger Mohammed keeps searching for a way out from the persistent tyranny that Egypt is suffering from, he strongly stands against the suggestions provided by the religious movement and in this post Mohammed condemned the latest statement of Qaradawi that was shown on Al-Jazeera on the latest episode of the weekly program Sharea't and Life.Zarqawi's adviser Qaradawi said:

There's no doubt that man should be able to find a balance between existing damages and possible dangers and he needs to decide which of which can be more harmful; the invader coming from overseas whose ambitions are entirely different from those of the nation? Or the dictator who is the son of this nation but got shifted from the right path and became a tyrant?

No doubt a man would choose the milder damage and the lesser evil among those choices; that is the dictator; the son of the nation whose damage is definitely much lesser than that caused by invaders who have their own agendas.

Mohammed represents a large segment of people in Arab countries who have the similar point of view; they want to have their freedom and they want democracy to flourish in their countries, yet they want to do it on their own, depending exclusively on their own capabilities and without any help or interference from outside.
So there is no way they would listen to or back corrupt clerics like Qaradawi and that's good indeed but they're unfortunately still can't get over the pan-nationalist ideology and the old fashion Arab pride.

He ends his article by saying:

During the last few months Egyptians saw demonstrations on the streets for the 1st time and they began to find political parties and journals crossing all the red lines while the regime began maneuvering to avoid and relief the increasing pressure.
The coming months will tell us who's going to win; the regime backed by the Arab "pride" current that hates dictatorship but yet had chosen it? Or the reformists who started their movements to topple the dictatorship without using American support but later found that they can't find anyone to help them but America which they're trying to avoid?
These reformists know that America will use them in return for any help it offers and this will eventually destroy their reputation. So their greatest challenge is to remain patriotic and to stay away from American support and… be successful in reaching their goals at the same time.

There's obviously a great deal of confusion out there, I hope they will find their way soon.

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