Saturday, April 02, 2005

The spiral minaret of Samarra sustained a mean sabotage attack that targeted its tip.
This 1150 year old unique minaret was the watch tower of choice for both, the American troops and the terrorists in the last couple of years as it's the highest building in the area (around 190 feet tall) and occupies a strategic spot.
The ignorant thugs decided to blow up the wall that surrounds the tip of the minaret so that it won't be used again by the American or Iraqi troops as a watch tower/sniper station against them anymore.

I am wondering here, why are historic sites like this minaret still being used for military purposes?
Shouldn't the concerned Iraqi institutions do their job in taking care of these sites which constitute the historic fortune of this country? Or are we going to keep weeping and whining after each similar incident without doing anything to stop such saddening incident from happening again?

The terrorists are directly responsible for the sabotage but the Iraqi government and the American troops are still responsible for ill-using the historic sites in some cases and not providing sufficient-if any-protection in other cases.

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