Thursday, April 21, 2005

I found a couple of interesting cartoons on New Sabah; in the 1st one here, the Captain of the aircraft is giving this announcement "Ladies and gentlemen; the atmosphere is democratic but there are a few sectarian bumps ahead, thank you".
The use of a jet plane to symbolize the democratic process in Iraq was obviously to say that democracy is something new to Iraqis just like air transport which is new to most Iraqis who depended on ground transport for a very long time.
The passenger back there is saying "Nazil" which in Iraq slang is short for "stop the vehicle so that I can step down" and is commonly used when someone is traveling in a bus or a taxi.
The word was chosen here to say that there are people who are not used to the modern and civilized ways of life (of politics here). So the passenger got scared when he heard the word "bumps" and he seems reluctant to trust the new ways which although could be risky sometimes but they're safer and much faster most of the time.

The 2nd cartoon is dealing with the struggle for political reform in the region.
The man with the Arabic head-wear obviously refers to the Arab leaders while the bottle refers to political reforms.
The Arab guy is looking anxiously at the man holding the thick club (who represents America of course) and says helplessly "it's bitter.. but I'm going to drink it".

I personally doubt that many regimes will have that drink because unfortunately many of the Arab leaders are stupid enough to prefer the club over the "bitter medicine".

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