Sunday, April 03, 2005

Iraq Decides.

The members of the National Assembly have finally reached an agreement on choosing a chairman for the Assembly, Mr. Hachim Al-Hasani from the "Iraqion" list that is lead by Yawir. Al-Hasani is an ex-member of the Islamic Party and currently occupying the position of the minister of industry.

The new chosen chief expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the other members for placing their trust in him and started his speech with a few words about the importance of national unity in the current phase.
Then he moved to another critical subject; administrative corruption and fighting it. This gives an impression that this problem will be on of the priorities in the near future putting security in the 2nd place.
It's fair to say that corruption can be more dangerous than terrorism and crime because these two problems originate and flourish in the presence of corruption.

He also mentioned that the government will be working hard on solving the current problems that Iraqis are suffering from and will try hard to provide the people with the basic needed services like electricity, health services, water and education.

Iraq is showing the region a new experiment here that is hopefully going to be the corner stone for a true major reform in the Middle East.
This is going to be a tough road and we might not reach our goals with the desired speed and easiness but the important thing here is that this new experience in Iraq will not be confined to this country alone, it will help and inspire the oppressed nations that are still suffering from regimes similar to Saddam's to build their own examples and the sacrifices that are going to be given in Iraq will make the sought for freedom easier and faster for other freedom seekers.
Now let Iraq be a candle that shows the road for those who were hesitant go through the dangers of that road.


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