Saturday, April 16, 2005

I've been to Mada'en once; that was late last year but I still clearly remember what I saw. The walls were full of slogans of hatred and violence; some slogans praised Saddam and the Ba'ath, others called for Jihad and others were frank death threats addressing the "collaborators and spies".

I understood later that the poor town was falling under a number of terror groups that were trying to make that town look like another Fallujah.
This place became a source of many local troubles through out the past several months but never made the big news in Iraq until this morning when a number of criminals took around 60 of the residents hostages.

I don't expect these terrorists would get away with what they did; actually I'm expecting a large-scale military operation to take place in that spot real soon because I heard from local sources that the (Wolf) brigade which has been famous for its successful operations in Mosul is now taking positions around Mada'en.

I'm sure that some "experts" will celebrate this incident and consider it a spark that will ignite the civil war fire they have been hallucinating about.
What such "experts" always fail to notice is that the conflict in Iraq is taking place between the people, the government and the coalition on one side and the extremists and remaining Ba'athists on the other side. It is NOT a people vs. people conflict; it never had and it will never be like that.

I really don't blame people who live outside Iraq for believing the "experts"; they didn't live here and they depend on the news to build their opinions.
But I live in Iraq and seen almost every city in it, so I know how thinks work and I know what the people think.
This time, the pathetic terrorists are trying to make it look like a sectarian conflict; it is NOT.

They would simply kill anyone who dares to oppose them in their territories and they don't care whether the "collaborator or infidel" was Sunni, She'at, Christian or Kurdish.
I know people from every single component of the population in Iraq and they all realize that Salafi extremists groups and their Ba'athist and foreign allies are the ones behind terrorism in Iraq.

I hope we will hear some good news from that town soon and I hope to see the hostages released and I have a good feeling about it.

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