Friday, April 08, 2005

Not surprisingly, I got to hear the same rumors that our friend Ibn Al-Rafidain got to hear some days ago. As a matter of fact, I heard about these rumors several months ago only with minor differences.
I heard the 2nd rumor which talks about the guy who was driving a truck loaded with lettuce while I was on my way back from Basra to Baghdad back in August when I was still working in one of Basra's suburbs.
The person who was telling that story with a lot of anxiety was the taxi driver I hired with 2 other guys.

It was too hot at that time (middle of August is the hottest time in the year in Iraq) and I was trying to take a nap when the driver's voice telling that rumor woke me up so I wasn't in the mood to hear stupid rumors and I asked him carelessly

"When did that happen?"

"A couple of weeks ago" was his answer.

At this point I was just about to accept the answer and go back to my nap as I felt it was useless to have a logical discussion with the man but immediately I remembered that August is not the usual season for lettuce... Well, only if Iraq was somehow moved to the southern hemisphere of the globe! So I said:

"But lettuce grows only in winter!!"

Here the man looked confused and said after a moment of thinking:
"err, you know what? That's a good point indeed".

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