Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The role of Tehran in creating the sectarian conflict in Iraq has became more than obvious after the failure of all the attempts to provoke a conflict between the Sunni and the She'at.
The astounding successes of Iraq in democracy and writing the constitution and building a free community is causing a panic the neighborhood.
We mentioned earlier that the Mada'en crisis is a fake and we pointed out that intrinsic and extrinsic parties had taken a stance to invest this story.
These parties revealed their ugly face by directing a frank call for holding arms and raise an internal fight.
Ha'iri (the Ayatollah from Iran who had always been supportive of Sadr and trying to interfere in Iraq's internal situation) released a fatwa today that called the She'at to carry arms and fight the "Nasibah" in a signal to the Sunni population (link in Arabic).


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