Saturday, April 02, 2005

Sunni clerics apparently changing thier mind.

In a very significant development in Iraq, the Sunni and She'at clerics have simultaneously issued fatwas that call Iraqis to support the Iraqi security forces and encouraged people to sign up and join these forces.
The significance of the She'att part here comes from the fact that this is the 1st time that She'at clergy instructs people to cooperate with the security forces as this cooperation was forbidden for decades.
The question that led to the She'at fatwa was put like this:

Should Iraqis under the current circumstances -which have revealed the damaging role of the remnants of the past regime and the criminals that come from outside in destabilizing the country and hindering the progress- should they actively participate in identifying and confronting those bad elements?

Yes, the should.

This answer didn't include cooperating with the multi national troops, yet didn't state it was forbidden.

On the other hand, I see that the Sunni fatwa is a major change in the strategies of the Sunni clerics in dealing with the administration and this could become a great service that boosts the security situation in the country's hot spots.
It's worth mentioning that 64 Sunni cleric signed this fatwa, among whom were prominent members of the "association of Muslim scholars" as well as the head of the "Iraqi Islamic Party".

Here's the main part of the fatwa:

For the sake of saving and protecting our fellow citizens' lives, property and honor, we hereby allow the young Iraqis to join the Iraqi police and army as these two institutions are the protector of this country and they are in the country's service and not private militias with private agendas.

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