Saturday, April 16, 2005

Something makes Al-Jazeera look innocent!

Some might think that democratic reforms lead by some regimes here in the ME could be honest and could lead to a true change.
Picture this; an Arab president or king smiling before the cameras shaking hands with one of his colleagues or any Western official and talking "enthusiastically" about a "real" desire for reform. We've been getting this picture in the news for so many years but what did the people gain? Did we see any real step being taken?

No, I lived for 35 years under dictatorship and they cannot fool me with their stupid games of "building democracies and free elections" that alwyas lead to the formation of a parliament of sheep.

I'm sick of human rights organizations overseen by the Mukhabarat publishing shy reports that no one can get to read till some real catastrophe takes place, only then those organization would hurry up and show their reports to say that the bad things were being monitored and that the government was closely following the situation.
And I'm sick of students, labor and women revolutionary associations that aren't the least concerned about democracy or the interests of their members and know nothing to do but praising the one and only leader.
Democracy is a beautiful shiny word and repeating it over and over again is necessary to show the world that our regimes are working hard for democracy; this how tyrants think and work.

I learnt not to believe a single word from Saddam and I won't believe a single word from any other remaining dictator.
Today I want to show an example from Saudi Arabia where the royal family claims to be fiercely fighting terrorism.
True, they're killing some terrorists every other while but the regime is teaching many thousands of terrorists in the schools of hatred, elusion and brain-washing.

Open your eyes and look carefully at the directed Arab media and I when I say directed it's because there's no free media in the Arab world and most of the media is funded by the governments.
Today's example is from IQRA (which means read), the extremely religious Saudi satellite channel.
I strongly believe that the effect of this channel is way more dangerous than the guns of terrorists and makes the war on terror waged by the Saudi government looks completely hypocritical.

Where is that will to make a change and to fight terror when we find a program like this showing a 3 year old child (a true Muslim as the host likes to say) wearing hijab and talking about hatred and killing!!?
At the early beginnings of Hizbollah's TV Al-Manar, the channel was broadcasting a program that shows how bombs can be manufactured using simple ingredients. Later, I guess they found out that there are more successful methods than teaching people how to make their own bombs; planting hatred creates human bombs that are ready to detonate at any second.

I will leave to watch this sickening program which might answer the question "why would anyone blow up himself?".
(Hat tip: The Lands of Sands).


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