Saturday, April 16, 2005

The senior judge heading the department in charge of fighting corruption and monitoring the performance of the administration stated that corruption levels are as high as 70% in the departments of the government.

I can't verify the accuracy of this statement but I can say that it's not very far from the truth. I liked the words of the National Assembly's chairman when he put corruption ahead of terrorism on the list of dangers facing Iraq right now and it is a fact that we've inherited a corrupt administrative system from the past regime and no matter how hard we try to change that by introducing new bloods we will remain helpless against the corrupt nature of the existing systems because even if you change most of the old staff in any office, nothing big can change if you keep using the same old system and this change requires new laws and regulations of course.

Next week we'll be waiting for the formation of the new cabinet to be announced and some news sources now predict that Chalabi and Roge Noori will become the deputies of the PM Jafari.

I hope that the new government will be sharp and fast in dealing with corruption and I can sense real determination within the National Assembly to press on the government regarding this issue. We have so far heard many voices from the Assembly accusing certain ministries of abusing authority and malpractice; I think a storm of questions and interrogations is awaiting those in power.


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