Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Iraq chooses president.

This morning marked another turning point in the history of Iraq when the elected Iraqi National Assembly publicly elected and approved the new president of Iraq and his new deputies.
I personally welcome the decision of choosing Mr. Talbani for this position because this step proves again that Iraqis are willing and working hard to bridge the gap between the different components of the Iraqi nation and to overcome the differences and disputes among them.

This new formation of presidency in Iraq will certainly strengthen the unity of this nation and it prove again that Iraq is a home for all Iraqis; not only the Arabs, not only the She'at or any other single race or sect.
I would be just as happy if the president was Turkmen or Assyrian or from any other segment of the wide social spectrum of Iraq.
It doesn't matter where you come from or what your religion is, if you're good and if the people think you're good, then you can reach the position you deserve.
This is the new Iraq and this is how it's going to be from now on, whether the terror-tyranny alliance likes it or not.

Some people are skeptical about the capacity of the new National Assembly to monitor and guide the democratic change in Iraq because they think the Assembly's meetings are chaotic and disorganized but what I see is fruitful and free dialogues that were absolutely impossible two years ago under the rule of the one and only glorious leader.

Our democracy is not perfect, I know that and our politicians still have a lot to learn and I know that too but what I care about and what really counts here is that freedom of speech and freedom of criticism is granted for the members of the Assembly who are the representatives of the people.

It will probably take years before security stops being a concern and probably more than that before electricity becomes normal but you know what?
I don't care much about that because my freedom is worth much more than all these things and freedom is the key to achieve unlimited progress and we have this key now.

Congratulations to the Iraqi people and to our new leadership whom I wish all success with their new and huge responsibilities.

A'asha Al-Iraq.

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