Friday, April 29, 2005

This is the face of the resistance that many people are praising and cheering for and this is the resistance that many people like to describe as pure Iraqi and patriotic.
This is the resistance that some journalists and bloggers proudly celebrate its victims' count on their papers and websites.
I can't find any reason for supporting such crimes but a mere anti-freedom sick ideology.

Let the world understand that the change that happened in Iraq was necessary and it is what the people here wanted and expressed their support for enthusiastically in more than one occasion; we saw that clear when the people left the tyrant alone to face his fate, we saw it when the people refused to fight for that tyrant and instead chose to slap his statues with their shoes and used their bare hands to tear off his portraits and smash the idols.

And we saw it in its most clear image when the people challenged terrorism and pessimism and raised a purple finger to show what they really want for their future.
Freedom and democracy, yes, this is what Iraqis want, and this is what they say over and over again when they join the army and police and stand in lines to replace the lines being assassinated.
How "brave" this resistance was when murdered thousands of innocent people and what a "unique courage" it shows when choosing assassination instead of face to face confrontation.

The resistance is even weaker than to confront a new born army just starting to stand on its feet.
They made every Iraqi citizen their target.
How bad and evil are those who support this resistance and cheerfully parrot its victories over the Iraqi police, children and women.
Do they realize how sick they make me feel? Do they realize that making the people an enemy is a losing strategy?
We are so angry and sad in a way no one can imagine and our response will be strong and sharp against all those who back terrorism and advocate it.

Do they really think they can destroy a dream built with blood, sweat, pain and suffering!?
You who are smiling at today's massacre, I tell you that these coward attacks will not stop the Iraqi tide.
What you wish is not going to happen and you will not get away with what you did and you will not escape the punishment.
Remember that freedom lovers will remember everything and they will not forget anyone who stood against them even with a word.
You may think that we're weak right now and unable to protect ourselves, we may seem stumbling but this new born country will become a powerful giant soon and will then seek justice for its people.

We are not going to be evil like you and we will not seek blind revenge but we will seek justice through our State of law and then you shall be judged as you deserve.

Nothing can stop us from finishing what we started and what happened today will not pass unpunished.


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