Saturday, April 02, 2005

Okay, this is going to be extremely off topic!

A lighter is a just lighter everywhere in this world but this version of lighters can an indispensable tool for the average Iraqi citizens in general and for Iraqi dentists in particular!
Other than the classical use of a lighter (lighting cigarettes or maybe candles on a birthday or a romantic dinner) this new version can help you find your way when the electricity is cut so you won't have to trip over the tables!

The high intensity violet light supplied with this lighter can be very useful for dentists. How?
It can readily be used for curing light-cure fillings when your light-gun is down, it can be used as a light pointer to point at something on the board in a seminar or lecture.
And let's not forget the functions of the basic gun, i.e. the flame; it can be used to heat the instrument dentists use to seal and finish root canal fillings, soften dental wax while working on dentures or other appliances AND to light a cigarette while waiting for patients to come to the clinic OR while thinking of a new post for the blog.

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