Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Let's turn the page..

I don't know what's this clamor about, the Arab media just after the capture of Saddam started lots of discussions, polls and interviews about what's going to happen to him, should he be sued in Iraq, America or an international court?
Will it be a public trial or not, who's going to defend him? Can an Iraqi court show justice towards him? Will he be executed?
To me this means nothing and I don't care much about all these details, as no court of law (of any kind) can bring back what we have lost and no matter what the outcome of the trial, it will not be an enough punishment to that criminal.
I don't believe in death penalty and I’ve been always against this idea, as it can solve nothing, but this time, I demand his execution for these reasons:
- As long as Saddam is in jail his followers will continue to believe and hope that someday their idol will break the chains and they will take the lead again. So his execution will put an end to their silly dreams.
- To put an end to the conspiracy theory about the alliance between SH and the US.
- To give a lesson to the remaining Arab tyrants, that this will be their end if they continue with their policies.
There’re two questions I want to ask, and these are directed to those who show concern about Saddam's destiny:
-Where were you when that criminal was an opponent, a judge and an execution brigade for the Iraqis?
- Why do you care more for one criminal than you did for millions of innocents?
Well, I do not care about the answers.
As much as what happened was painful, as much as it is history to us and we want to forget all about it.
Let’s just turn the page and start a new Iraq.

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