Saturday, December 13, 2003

Just a concerned man.

Being an Iraqi, I have a million reasons for supporting the USA and the coalition, especially when it comes to Iraq.
I’ll try to forget that I’m an Iraqi for a while, and pretend to be someone else living far away in a country that has no direct or indirect relation to USA’s new strategy and her policy in Iraq and the middle east.
Hard as that maybe I’ll do my best to cast away my feelings, interests, and my country’s interests. From now on it's not me who's talking.
I see obvious dangers in the world; terrorism, WMD's, and that US and the Republicans dominating the world
(Remember it's not me talking, I’m putting myself in the other camp, or in a neutral stand).
And I can hear two loud voices, the voice representing Islam using the conspiracy theory, Nationalism and Arab nationalism, and another one, claiming a Republican-Zionists conspiracy to hi-jack the USA and swallow the whole world, to steal all the fortune and enslave humankind.
And there're the considerably lower voices that say that all what the American administration is doing; is to serve its country, defend it, improve life conditions of their citizens and secure the whole world.
Now whom am I supposed to believe? As for the first group, well..There’s nothing new in your claims, you have been telling the same old story for centuries. And seeing your representatives: Saddam, Arafat, Bin-Ladin and other Arab and Muslim leaders and the clergy that support them. I can not but question your credibility and the validity of your perspectives. Besides, stating that you are the only people on the right track and that the whole world are either infidels or traitors, make you look more racist and fanatic than all of your enemies.
You still live in the past, and your dreams are not the least imperialistic than what you claim about those of your enemies and I doubt that I’ll vote for you not until you come up with something new and more legitimate.
As for the second group; I want to say: your perspectives are armed with a similar conspiracy theory that the American and British administrations had (somehow) managed to hypnotize the world and seize the power and that they use illusionary threats to justify their clinging to power, or at least that the USA and UK want to become the first and only super power on earth and kill any possible opportunity for their rivals to catch up with them.
Answering these questions is a little bit more difficult but I’ll try to do it in brief by stating some facts:
:: 9 / 11 is not an illusion, bombing the UN, Red Cross and the British embassy is not an illusion. And I don’t think it was caused by American policy, as the general policy haven’t change much, but the new generation of (resistance) had changed its means and ideology and widened its circle of enemies which caused the US to modify her policy(the new policy was a response rather than a long planned strategy).
:: the USA and UK already dominate the world, so why would they go to a risky war without a reasonable cause. They could have what they want without a war. USA is not only the strongest military power but also have the strongest economy and cultural effect, so why destabilize an already favorable situation.
:: does president Bush or Mr. Blair want to govern for life? I know that this is impossible looking to the constitutions of both countries and I find it hard to believe that in the sake of another 4 years in charge the American administration endanger their whole nation. Give me a better reason, and don’t say that the republicans want to dominate I can see that the media favors the democrats, besides your country is a free one and you don’t have to give them your voice, and use publicity. But rising of such a crucial issue as war on terrorism and concentrating on the bad stuff and spreading lies for the sake of local elections? I wouldn’t call that wise.
So keep your struggle but try your best to keep away from the war on terrorism and democracy in Iraq.
The third voice: some people go as far as saying that the USA goal is to free all the world and bring democracy, others more moderate, say that we seek our countries benefit and if it gives others freedom and democracy then we should be happy as this maybe a rare occasion where our interests lie in parallel with the most oppressed and unfortunate people. And no matter what sacrifices, we have to go on this war and building democracy to secure the peace and prosperity of our country and we should do it with a clear conscious.
As an outsider, after 5 seconds of meditating as the case is crucial and needs a fast decision. I think I’ll support the third voice but I’m still waiting for the other voices to work on their proofs, maybe I’ll change my mind.
Use your ammunition wisely. There is a second part.
To be continued…

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