Thursday, December 25, 2003

Where's the Hajjy?!

Hi everybody, we're in Basra again. This time we decided to go by bus, as it's safer and cheaper(2 $ each).
However this time the journey took longer time.
Something happened as soon as we started moving, and I found it kinda funny so I'm gonna tell
you this short story; when we reached the bridge at Diyala's river, there was a traffic jam,
so one of tha passengers who's an old man(a HAJJY in Iraqi slang) stepped from the bus to
check the situation of traffic near the bridge, he disappeared for about an hour, the driver
decided to take another road to get over the jam, but we told him to stop and wait for the old man,
then two young men decided to go look for the old man, and those disappeared too, then the driver took action himself and stepped down to go look for the three missing guys, the (hajjy)showed at last, then the 2 young men
also returned, but the driver was now missing!!
Another man took the responsibility to go look for the driver.
Here I started to look around searching for a hidden camera or something!
Finally, the driver was back and we started to move taking another road(after over 2 hours of this mess) and
we forgot the man who went looking for the driver, but we were surprized to see him again
300 kilometers south of Baghdad, he was yawning and shouting as he had to take a taxi to
catch-up with us as his luggage was in the bus. the man was really pissed off.
any way, the whole matter looked funny to everyone even the forgotten guy,
and all the passengers made a joke out of this for the rest of the road.

This time(and I still didn't figure out the reason), the driver chose a weird path to get to Basra,
the road was exactly a (zig-zag), and the last section of the road was really depressing, as the whole distance from Nasiriya to Basra was a true desert with all its characteristics(even camels and BADOW tents!)
We reached Basra at last after a 10 hour drive, and we were so tired, however our addiction
to the internet made us go for a walk and search for a cafe' and we soon found one, but the connection was really poor that I couldn't do my regular work, but today the situation is somewhat better.
I saw that Ali has already sent you his greetings for the Christmas, but this one is from
me to all our readers; MERRY CHRISTMAS and enjoy your holiday.
Bye for now.

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