Friday, December 12, 2003

Bon Voyage..!

We didn't know what peace and order look like for a long time. It seems that it's our destiny that the whole world use our small country as a battlefield for long successive wars in which no one cared to ask about our opinion.
The Ba'ath party seizes the power at the beginning of the sixties of the last century in a way that took the Iraqis by surprise, but many countries in the world seemed to know about it long before it happened.
The mission was clear. The communist trend was overwhelming at these times in Iraq as in many countries in the world. Revolution was imminent, so there had to be an opposing revolution that claims to have come to solve the problems and there is no need for another one.
The world seemed to have forgot that tyrants do not differentiate between and opposing party and others. The prosecution did not affect only the communists, but all the other parties as well as independent people. Mission successful. At a rate that only dictators can achieve, and the Iraqi citizens paid the price as their opinion was also arrested. After the communist danger had been eliminated, the tyrant demands his fees; to be kept on power, regardless what the people suffered. He had what he wanted.
The world is alarmed once again by the danger of the Iranian revolution. The Islamic wave might sweep the region. Iraqi people: get prepared for another mission. Fight again on behalf of the others. It doesn't matter what the Iraqis want, the mission was a just cause and suited the tyrant's greed and ambition. We had to live between two hells; the one in the front and the oppression on the inside. The tyrant used the war to justify strangling the peoples freedom and tie their tongs to strengthen his control, killing any hope for a peaceful prosperous life, as the war exhausted the Iraqi economy by the enormous amounts of weapons to which the tyrant had a sick lust and to which the world responded so generously.

Why didn't any one even think of another way to stop those dangers? I personally believe that establishing a democratic state was quiet enough to stop the Iranians' march. The Iraqi people at that time would never had accepted a theocracy and most of the polls regarding this matter found that no more than 10% of Iraqis would accept such a regime, even at the days of that primitive democracy we had before 1958, the clergy never managed to achieve anything worth mentioning. We could have been (armed by democracy) a cultural barrier that stops the export of the Iranian revolution but no one cared to ask us, for who needs to ask 12 million people while you have one man who can speak for them. Just tell him what you want, grant him his simple prize (control of Iraq) and he will force these insignificant 12 million to follow him like sheep.
The world had what it demands. Iran has been exhausted; again the price demanded by the tyrant is the blessing of the world on his leadership. Demands granted.
Another war against our will, the world decides that this bird had left the flock, and his (teeth and claws) should be extracted, the dangerous weapons they gave him for his mission are no longer his, and should be returned. The mission was disarming the crazy tyrant who was no longer under control, and again we paid high price for something we never wanted in the first place. However, this time we had a hope, that along with this disarming process there might be also a process to get rid of the mad dictator who had obviously lost balance and became a threat to the region, and probably the world, if left alone. But the world had another opinion that led to another war of a different pattern.
As the world saw no reliable substitute for the tyrant, the decision was to contain him resulting in another suffering.
Saddam uses the ignorance of the world about the nature of his regime to impose a very hard blockage using the UN sanctions as a justification for our day by day deterioration in every scale.
Here again we paid the price without even being asked about our opinion.
Oh.. Pardon me, but you did ask, and we answered, we voted for him, not all of us, but 99.96 % and four years after that, seeing the glorious achievements of (our savior) even those blind 0.04% saw the (truth). So why bother to ask with such hard evidence.
The danger of the WMD's gets greater and so does the danger of terrorism, the decision was that the whole world should watch and learn. I was wondering at that time wasn't it better to focus on the danger of dictatorships as the major source of all these problems. The US and the UK would have had more legitimacy at least among the oppressed nations.
Yes, they did mention it and I was very glad to hear Mr. Blair state that it is the main reason for his choice and the US also named the operation (Iraqi freedom), but both didn't have the courage to name it as the official cause for war. Surely the other powers would never allow it and would consider it as n interference with the internal affairs of a sovereign country.
But after all, they didn't approve of the official reason also and now we can see the result as most of the world starts to object that the war was illegal, since the claimed reasons seem to be faulty until now.
I think that stating that the real danger was the evil intentions of the mad dictators in possessing as lethal weapons as possible and their readiness to actually use these weapons.
Here are the simple facts that we have: a mad man who controls the resources of an entire country- not a wealthy one, yes- but surely enough to buy the technology for WMD's from the numerous greedy governments and companies, and this man never stopped trying even after destroying his projects several times. Besides he remains as the only man who actually used these weapons (after WW2) against the Iranians and his own people.
With all these facts, and the fact that he was surrounded by enemies (he made) from the outside and the inside, one can understand his feverish lust for these technologies.
Given all these facts, the only reasonable conclusion would be not getting rid of all WMD's (quiet difficult at this time) but get rid of the mad dictator and his like anywhere.
Anyway, this time I had a stand with this war in which I saw my, and my people's benefit, on the long term, no matter what losses and sacrifices.
Yet, this time this was not the only difference, as the whole world stands against the US and her allies in this war, and even after their battle was lost they continue to have the same stand. Why this time you're in such a peaceful mood? You who made us go through all these miseries cheering your mad hero as he slaughters us and send us to the flame in thousands.
Your masks can no longer cover your ugly faces. Just now you remembered that wars are evil and bring only disasters! What about those endless wars you dragged us into? What has suddenly turned you from cold-blooded murderers (at least in the second degree) into peaceful pigeons?
The UN evacuate their officials after a terrorists attack, the media declare war on us, showing the terrorists as resistance, the companies refrain from sending their officials to Iraq in fear from terrorist attacks, the peaceful world supports the (resistance).
Yet, you still have the insolence to demand a share of the contracts of Iraq’s reconstruction process. I was glad to hear what the US had decided about this matter.
Yes there're dangers in Iraq, but what about us? Whom terrorism lives next door or block. Yes you can't afford the loss of your men and your money, but Iraqis? Well... they're used to it, death is a daily routine to them. They don't appreciate life as you do. Let me tell you something, you coward hypocrites, this may surprise you, but I love life, and love my family and friends. I can't bare it if something bad happens to them. Yet I don't intend to run away. I and a lot of my friends could get a job any where, with much better income, but I’m not leaving, not because I’m a patriot, as I don't believe in your classification of human beings; Iraqi, Indian, German, black, white, Jewish, Muslim…etc.
I’m a human being, and I feel responsible towards all mankind, and I will fight this battle with all the good men and women on earth. And you keep watching from a distance, and don't even think of coming near, and carrying the risk of smearing your fancy clothes with (our cheap blood). I don't need you, and even if I did, I won't ask your help, we've had enough of it. Go somewhere else, go to Africa, and relieve your conscience by donating some pennies to the poor, starving people there, and don't bother how their dictators will use the money, and don't even bother asking why they are so poor. I will stay here and fight for freedom and democracy with the good and brave Americans (yes..the good and brave.. Eat your hearts), and with all the honest soldiers and people of the coalition.
Bon voyage to Africa...have some conscience.

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