Sunday, December 28, 2003

In response to our great readers we've decide to sign our posts from now on although we don't see that it's important. As for the previous posts here is the list of who wrote them:
Omar-encouraged by Zeyad and AYS- was the one who started the blog. He manages most of the publishing and Internet work, and he was the one who wrote the introduction.
1-this is not a dream/Mohammed
2-you owe us an apology/Mohammed.
3-let me be your eyes1/Omar.
4-we are responsible too/Ali.
5-just a bad case of de ja vu/Mohammed.
6-do we really these armies/Mohammed.
7-facing the demons/Ali.
9-I was there/Mohammed.
10-let me be your eyes2/Ali.
11-untitled post about Spaniards/Omar.
12-the blood was never for oil/Omar.
13-the second element/Ali.
14-central issue 1/Ali
15-the Iraqi people spoke today/Ali.
15-let me be your eyes 3/Omar.
16-central issue 2/Ali.
17-war and peace/Mohammed.
18-bon voyage/Mohammed.
19-just a concerned man 1/Ali.
20-big brother in a small hole/Mohammed.
21-a word of consolation/Ali.
22-they’re breathing their last/Ali.
23-concerned man 2/Ali.
24-our correspondent in Basra says/Omar.
25-just a concerned man 3/Ali.
26-let’s turn the page/Omar.
27-a definition/Ali.
28-we don’t need another hero/Ali.
29-merry Christmas/Mohammed.
30-our correspondent in Samoa/Mohammed.
31-where’s the hajjy?/Omar.
The rest of the posts, including news, snap shots, etc. are written by Omar.

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