Sunday, December 21, 2003

Just a concerned man... Part 3.

Having received nothing significant enough, to discuss as a real cause for opposing the war with exception of one remark that I’ll get to in the end, I’ll start from were we stopped last time.
To start with the Zionist-republican conspiracy really makes me sick, but I guess I have to do it since a lot of people out there keep mentioning it.
I mean, were did you get that theory from? And I always though that it was (our thinkers) who invented it.
Now I believe you have to give us the credit here. You went to the moon without telling us, you claim that it was your scientists who discovered the systemic circulation,…..etc. but one thing you can’t deny us; WE invented the conspiracy theory.
I mean, really, what do you know about it? Probably heard about it in college, or High school? Give me a break; we give conspiracy theory-fortified milk to our babies once they pass the age of 6 months!
This fact really made me suspect that the Arab media is even stronger than the CNN, BBC and all the media empire. I know it sounds silly but look at it this way; your political propaganda machine manage their own finance, they follow the taste of the crowds, with possible links to some political-economic groups (Arab tyrants included). While our propaganda-with almost unlimited resources provided by our dictators- is almost entirely dedicated to the polishing of dictators' faces, spreading hate and justifying their masters' unexplainable existence, with tools such as conspiracy theory. In this field the Arab media had proved more effective than we all expected.
I think, maybe after decades of lies associated with bribing your propaganda, one can feel the effect of the - made in Arabia- slogans on the public opinion in Europe and USA.
We still have people (I mean PEOPLE) who actually think that
The man who was dragged out of that whole is not the (real Saddam) and that Uday and Qusay are still alive, and it's all part of a secret deal with the USA (sounds familiar?)

But enough with this none sense. It will probably take volumes of psychoanalysis to explain the kind of mentality that buys such lies.
Let's talk about the more serious fear that the USA is going to seal the fate of this endless struggle to rule the world, and make it absolutely impossible to catch up with.
I think that, this is what is really going to happen, though it's not the real reason for the American administration to go to war, nor was freeing Iraq the real reason. The real reason (as I think) was stopping a real threat to the USA; the potentially and pretty much expectable alliance between dictators (with the WMD’s that most of them are pursuing) and the mad terrorists (whom those tyrants are bringing to the world by their oppression). Remember that the US never came to our world until (the mujahideen) went there.
Ok, suppose we agree; the USA is trying to dominate the world for good, if she can, through eliminating this threat and as a natural outcome to this war.
So? What are you going to do about it? And why is that bad?
One might say “but it's certainly bad to have only one power controlling the whole world, I mean what if things were out of control there? Who would stop them? No. We need a balance. Other powers that restrain and balance each other."
First of all let me say that most nations had their share in leading the world and contributing in building the human civilization. Arabs and Muslims controlled most of the world for centuries and we consider it was good for all human beings. The same thing applies to England, France, Russia….etc. now it seems that it is the USA who is going to take the lead. Why should that be so bad. You can't prevent what is natural.
Other more solid reasons?
-The USA already dominates the world and you can't stop her even if you acted together. Besides she has strong allies; UK, Spain, Italy, Australia, Japan and Israel.
-We had this multi polarity during the cold war. What good it did to most of the world (the third world)? Wars every were, as the 2 giants wrestled trying to gain some foot against each other sweeping all that comes in their way; Korea, Vietnam Indian-Pakistan, Arab-Israeli...dozens of wars in 4 decades. No, thanks I’d rather have one rational power that keeps order in this crazy word. Any suggestions?
UN? China? European Union?
-Speaking of the best on this list; we all saw how the European union dealt with Yugoslavia, and if it wasn't for the same USA , blood would have probably been covering the Adriatic sea by now.
Let me say that this isn't exactly my wish. My wish was that the other great nations would join the USA in her war against OUR enemies, and spare the world this meaningless struggle.
So it's not a human cause it's just a selfish cause. You don't want the USA to win this war, not caring for our life or the global peace; it’s your own position and interests in this world. A legitimate cause for you, but certainly not for the rest of the world. But you couldn't look farther than your noses.
Admit that you speak on behalf of your countries only, and not the whole world.
I’m not preaching to follow the USA, the republicans or G.W.B. I’m calling all of you to support the just struggle between civilization on one side and terrorism and dictatorship on the other. I will support the war, not the warrior. And once I see that the warrior has turned to his benefits, jeopardizing the outcome of this just war, or when it appears to me that he is following just his dreams and not OUR salvation, I’ll not just stop supporting him, I’ll be the 1st one to draw his arm against him no matter what the result. Keep questioning, keep asking, and keep demanding proofs, but don't hinder who, in few weeks, did what all of you couldn't do, or shall I say didn't want to.
I hate to say it but it seems…. to be continued.

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