Thursday, December 25, 2003

We don't need another hero

I hate to respond to some hateful e-mails and comments and I usually just delete or ignore them. However when I find a comment that has some truth or represent a wide proportion of opinions I find myself compelled to answer it no matter how harsh it was. I still believe, however that the man who wrote that comment should apologize, not for me but to the Iraqi people for his condescending manner.
This is a bout saddam's trial, I agree with the post my brother wrote thought that we have made ourselves clear in the past posts, forgetting that our readers are not all regular who know our thoughts in advance. I don't want to repeat myself but I see some points worth mentioning.
I agree with my brother generally but I have to disagree with him in some points:
I do think that this trial is an important event, not taking its importance from the accused but rather from the principles and convictions that will be judged too.
This trial should be held in Iraq and should be public, and I hope he will be sentenced to death.
The more important is that it should be a trial not just for Saddam, his followers or other dictators, but also for some of the Arab and Muslim convictions and stale ideologies and to the public opinion of the world who watched silently and the governments that helped him.
My concern is of course with judging some of the stale convictions Arab and Muslim still believe strongly and which in my opinion gave the chance to people like Saddam, Gaddafi, Assad and others to rule such great nations for such a long period.
One of these is of particular importance here;
Through my life I had came to the conclusion that most Arabs and Muslims think that their salvation and progress will only happen through the birth of a legendary leader or someone who speaks for the prophet or God. This probably came through reading a distorted version of history that shows that historical heroes such as the prophet and Saladin are the only way to make the rising of Arab and Muslims possible.
Strange as it may seem, Mohammed the prophet declared in the Koran that God would send no more prophets. A message that clearly meant that the human race has reached the stage of adulthood, and it no longer requires prophets and miracles. Human beings can make their own destiny and miracles just following the wide lines and principles presented by all the wholly books of Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindu...Etc, which I think no man whether a believer or not disagree with.
Killing, stealing, lying and all other atrocities are condemned by all good men and women, believers or not.
Somehow this important message has been forgotten or overlooked on purpose and most Arab and Muslims still wait idly for their savior that will never come, mean while clinging to any apparently strong character that defies the west (which was showed to them as their eternal enemy).
Before burying Saddam I hope we'll be able to get him out of our soles and minds, to wash our soles from the dirt that must had smeared it through those years.
With judging Saddam I hope that we will be able to judge our convictions, not get rid of them just look at some of them from a different angle maybe we will be able to sentence them to death with one of their innumerable evil byproducts.
Yes, we don't need another (hero).

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