Thursday, December 25, 2003

Merry Christmas

Your birth -Jesus our master- was a declaration of peace. Your sacrifice for the sake of mankind will remain a sign for love, forgiving and facing the injustice with words stronger than all arms.
All the glory to you, we hope that your anniversary remains a light that enables all to see the truth and try to reach it.
It's an (id) for all mankind; Christians, Muslims, Jews, believers or not.
This time Iraqis celebration is special; the local TV broadcast the ceremonies and representatives of all religions were there, some politicians were there also to show the world the unity of Iraqis. Iraqi Christians like others suffered a lot at the hands of that tyrant to the degree that pushed many of them to leave Iraq searching for safety and freedom.
My prayers to God all mighty to bless us all with his mercy and kindness and make Iraq a peaceful and a beautiful country so that all the refugees could come back to were they were born and help rebuilding their country.
Greetings and warm wishes from the hearts of the people of Iraq with all its religions and ethnicity to all the good loving people on the earth.
Let us feel in these glorious days that we human being are one spirit.
Let us get rid of all fanaticism and look at the future with eyes of love.
Let us pray to the lord that peace will prevail all over the world and that victory be ours in our just war against the enemies of humanity everywhere.
God bless all the good people on earth.
God bless the Iraqi people who are trying to re-build their country.
God bless all those who sacrificed and helped us be free.
Let us not forget other people suffering all over the world.
Stay strong my brothers.
I feel freedom and justice on the way.

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