Saturday, December 06, 2003

Give the President his full chance

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By: I. Adnan E.mail:Ihsan

“Few months ago we didn’t care much about the American elections, but now it’s a major concern for us to whom it may go. When I wanted to write this article I talked to many literate people to explore there perceptions about this subject and I came out with one conclusion that they all want President George W. Bush to be re-elected and for many reasons I’ll try to brief out a bunch of them in the few coming lines.
Mr. Bush was very sharp with his war against terrorism and due to that Iraq is a free country now. He knew well after the events of the 11 of September that there is no way but war against international terrorism since it’s the only language understood by them, and all Americans should know well that its very important for the whole world that this war must go on to make sure that what happened in 9/11 won’t happen again not only in America but anywhere in the whole world.
Mr. Bush(and his administration) has a new vision about the Middle East and it is the most profound till now, the whole area won’t be secure without a decent solution for the Palestinian- Israeli conflict and the road map is the best thing ever.
Maybe we don’t know much about his internal policy and whether you like them or not, but here we started to reap the benefits of his external policy and we are sure that you’ll be able to do the same in the near future with the new free and democratic countries you’re helping out. And for several Presidents that didn’t do much to the United States but you gave them a full chance to be Presidents for 8 years is it strange to ask you to give Mr. Bush his full chance by re-electing him again to keep on doing and achieving what’s best for all? The Iraqis will never forget what you’ve done for them and they are expecting more and there are to many people in different places around the world waiting for your help the same way you helped us please don’t let them down. You gave Mr. Bush a chance when you elected him once so why don’t you let the chance to be full by electing him twice? We believe that he’s the right President with the right policy.”

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