Wednesday, December 17, 2003

A big hi from Basrah..

Hi every body, i'm in Basrah today. the road was long and boring as it took over(7) hours to reach to Basrah(about 600 kilometers south of Baghdad).
The city is rather more quiet than Baghdad(and appearently safer) as i concluded from the attitude and behaviour of the IP and the british military.
one interesting thing i found in Basrah was that the cell phones are already active and selling well while people in Baghdad are still waiting to book for their phone lines.
another thing i noticed, is the (fuel lines);they're really much shorter than they're in Baghdad.
That's it for today, i'm really tired, and i want to return to the hotel to get some rest,
maybe tomorrow i'll get you some more details about the situation here.
BTW: Internet service is well available in Basrah(and even less expensive!).
see ya later..

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