Saturday, December 20, 2003

Some news and clarifications:

:: A secularism-defending organization has started it's activities in Baghdad(this is the first one ever)!

:: The exchange price of ID has further raised to : 1600 ID for each $.

:: Some people asked me about the situation of Christians in Iraq, and whether they were represented in the GC or not.
Answer: we have one Christian member in the GC (out of 25), his name is (Yonadim Kanna), and one Christian minister.

:: Some people asked me about the INC, and its popularity;
The truth is, that every one thinks that Al-Chalabi is the USA man, yet it didn't stop many Iraqis from joining the INC. Reasons? I suppose;
-It's the only strong party that declared support to secularism and democracy.
-Some people are just looking for economic and political opportunities by joining what they think is the wining horse.
-Some people just don't mind cooperating with the USA and thinks it's the best path for Iraq.

:: A good thing about some of the GC parties is that the Kurdish parties accept Arabs and Turkomen and Assyrians and al-da'awa party accepts and encourages Arab Sunni and Kurds and Turkomen to join their party.
:: Some people asked me why a lot of Iraqi people like Paul Bremer, I think it's his modesty, honesty and respect he is showing to the Iraqi people, and with such a sudden change from that ugly face of SH to the nice and gentle look of Paul Bremer, you cannot but love the man.

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