Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Some news from Baghdad..

-The majority of Iraqis continues with their celebrations in Baghdad and the rest of the governorates (except Saladin and Rumadi governorates). Cars carrying flags and roses and some people distributing candies.
-Civil libraries distributing the picture of Saddam (with his hairy face holding his ugly bear) for free to the Iraqi citizens; it seems to be the most popular picture now.
-Saddam loyalists spread the rumor that he was, somehow, anaesthetized before being captured and that this is the reason why he didn't fight.
-Iraqis say the (resistance) leader doesn't know how to resist!
-A member of the GC states that Saddam used nasty words when he was shown to some of the members of the GC and that he only spared, Andadnan Al-Pachachi.
-A very strange seen: some of Baghdad citizens fire bullets in the air expressing their joy in front of the eyes of American soldiers, who were waving the victory sign, with no one feeling afraid or worried, despite that the law forbids such action, but it seems that the joy that overwhelmed every body made them overlook such consideration. (However I totally disagree with such way of expressing happiness).
-Lots of Iraqis consider that Paul Bremer as one of the loyal people to this country, and that he is a real Iraqi! There is a great appreciation for the man's sincere efforts, even among some anti Americans.
-Few hundreds of Saddam fanatics and loyalists decide to face the IP and the American army in an open fight in Adamiah (the major stronghold of the Ba'athists in Baghdad) samara, Fallojah, results were killing and injuring most of the attackers, and some injuries among the IP. It is better for the IP and the US army, that those criminals are this desperate. Much better than trying to dig them out as before, when they used the hit and run tactics.
-The GC proposes to announce the 14th of December a national anniversary and an official holiday. The idea is much welcomed by the majority of Iraqi people.
-The exchange price of the Iraqi Dinar improves a little more from (1750 dinar for each us $) to (1700 Iraqi Dinar for each us $).

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