Friday, June 24, 2005

More fuel for power stations.

I read on Al-Sabah yesterday that the ministry of oil is going to increase daily fuel supplies delivered to the ministry of electricity by 2 million liters to reach 4.5 million liters instead of the current 2.5 million liters of daily supplies.
Officials from the ministry of electricity welcomed this step that will "allow the ministry to operate some idle units and enable the production of an additional 1000 mega watts of electricity" and this will reflect positively on the amount of power available from the national grid.

It's worth mentioning that the peak power production has reached the 5000 mega watts milestone earlier this month and it is planned to increase that amount to 6000 mega watts by the end of this months.
I hope their plans are good enough to provide the electricity we need; we've tolerated 15 years of electricity shortages so far and I really don't mind waiting for another year or two if I'm sure that the guys in charge are really doing all they can to improve the situation.

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